‘All white girls are good for is sex. They’re just sl*gs’: Eight members of ‘openly racist’ violent Asian sex gang raped and ‘sexually degraded’ three teenage girls in Rotherham

Eight members of an Asian sex gang in Rotherham were today convicted of sexually exploiting teenage girls after making them suffer ‘degrading and violent’ acts. Sageer Hussain, 30, openly boasted that he was racist and told his distraught 13-year-old …

Good Christian Sex, in Marriage and Out

Christians consider the Bible a fount of ethical teaching—and it is—but some might be surprised at how, well, racy it can get. The Song of Songs is a lovers’ poem and in it the woman says, “I have taken off my tunic—why should I put it on again?

The Crazy Sex Lady at the Solitary Banquet

“The crazy sex ladies are coming to school today,” said my oldest. “We’re missing it.” “Good,” I said. I was driving the kids to the middle school an hour into their first period class. A glitch in the family routine over the past twenty-four …

The Secret To A Good Date: Have Sex First

Last summer, I found myself being led through Williamsburg by the hand, on the way to the apartment of Matthew, a guy I had been seeing, casually and happily, for a couple months. It was 90 degrees out at 9 p.m., and I was full of the Commodore’s fried …

Good sex in later years bad for men

Having sex once a week or more — and enjoying it — puts older men at higher risk for heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems, warns a new study. For older women, however, good sex may actually lower the risk of hypertension, the study noted.